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Our Toolkit - Cloud, Collaboration and Teamwork

The future of office work is now determined by IT professionals. By doing so, our company has also opted for direction, where we are capable to give a professional level of support for office digitization, operation and development of the IT infrastructures.

Today, employees work a lot more in team than they did before. We have more information and more people are involved in our business decisions, so these decisions require more time and more communication.

The preservation of company data assets, the ability to share information, and requirement for the protection of privacy rights must all be met at the same time.

A lot of companies and organizations struggling to cure itself from its E-mail addiction, and it can only be done with the tools that keep information fresh, mobile, credible and real-time.

Answers for such and similar challenges should be based on knowledge of the whole picture, consistent, conscious and practical knowledge based on the internal needs of the Customer.

One of the main characteristics of collaboration is that everyone thinks about it differently. When a company adopts a teamwork platform, participants expect that attractive and painless solutions will be available to all, but this is not always the case, because the co-operation functions of these systems contain a complex logic, and management and knowledge transfer cannot be saved when it is introduced.

Microsoft\'s subscription based cloud services (Azure, Office 365, MS 365, Intune, Dynamics 365) provide a vast amount of functionality, many ways of solutions and choices for both the user and the company management. These solutions provide the latest state of the art technology at all times, and their functionality is constantly evolving and expanding. Communication solutions are becoming more and more mature. And last but not least, all these are made available with strong support and reasonable prices.

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