Sustainability Statement

IamIT Kft. is committed to sustainability and believes that our corporate activities can have a positive impact on the environment and society. Part of our sustainability efforts is to take responsibility for future generations and the environment, while creating value for our customers, colleagues and society. Accordingly, IamIT Kft adopts a sustainability policy based on the following principles and activities:

  1. Environmental protection:
    • IamIT Kft. is committed to the minimization of environmental impacts and the sustainable management of natural resources.
    • We support energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, for example by installing solar systems and energy-efficient office equipment.
    • We constantly strive to minimize waste and promote recycling.
  2. Social Responsibility:
    • IamIT Kft. is committed to supporting society and the community, and we participate in many initiatives for the development and support of the community.
    • We consider health preservation and education important and support health preservation programs and educational initiatives.
  3. Customer orientation:
    • The satisfaction and trust of our customers is the most important thing for us. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our products and services contribute to the success and goals of our customers in a sustainable manner.
  4. Workplace Environment:
    • IamIT Kft. respects the rights and dignity of its employees and provides them with a healthy, supportive and inclusive work environment.
    • We support the development and training of our employees so that they are able to contribute to the sustainability goals of the company and society.
  5. Transparency and Responsible Business Practices:
    • IamIT Kft. is committed to transparent and responsible business practices, and we conduct all our activities according to ethical and legal standards.
    • We work closely with our suppliers and partners to create a more sustainable supply chain.
      IamIT Kft cooperates with its customers, colleagues, suppliers and society in order to create positive change in the world. Innovation, commitment and responsibility are at the heart of our sustainability efforts, and we are constantly striving to move forward on the road to a sustainable future.

CSR Strategy of IamIT Kft:

Sustainability Mission Statement:

IamIT Kft. is committed to sustainability and social responsibility, and believes that its corporate activities can have a positive impact on the environment and society. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint, operate energy-efficiently and cooperate with sustainable companies to achieve common goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

IamIT Kft participates in corporate social responsibility and strives to integrate economic, social and environmental aspects into its business decisions. We consider community cooperation and responding to social and environmental problems important.

CSR Measures:

  1. Environmental protection:
    • Selective waste collection both on site and at our events.
    • Preference in our purchases for vendors that have a circular economy as an objective
  2. Social Support:
    • Donation to support disadvantaged children
    • Participation in community programs and support of health-preserving initiatives.
  3. Environmentally conscious Exercises:
    • Introduction of natural cooling and economical water management measures in the office.
    • Replacing disposable batteries with alternatives that can be charged in our office.
    • Preference for alternatives with low energy consumption
    • Implementation of presence-based lighting control

IamIT Kft firmly believes that the connection of corporate activity and social responsibility is key on the way to a sustainable future. Accordingly, we are committed to continuing the above measures and initiatives to bring positive change to the environment and society.

Company-level environmental sustainability goals

One of our goals is to completely replace our office lighting with presence-based control by December 31. 2024, thereby reducing electricity consumption by 10%.

We also aim to change the cooling-heating control to room-by-room control from the current central thermostat by December 31. 2024, achieving 20% heating energy savings.

When choosing our office, it was an important aspect that its accessibility by public transport should be exceptionally good. Our goal is that in the period from late 1st May to 30th September , at least 30% of commuting to work is done by public transport or by bicycle.

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