IT infrastructure services

Full-scale system administrator services for midsize and large companies at an international level. Entrust the planning, implementation and operation to us!

We will support your business and end-user activities in any development or problem solving that involves IT infrastructure. Our team has experience in international projects, in the SMB sector and in the public sector as well.

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„IamIT is a truly professional and reactive partner to rely on. Istvan’s team is focused on customer satisfaction and systematically aims at delivering the highest standard of support. It is a pleasure to work with them !”
Matthieu Rambaud
Trigo Group (FR)
“They eat international projects for breakfast, thank you for the fast and professional support.”
Krzysztof Balcerzak
HouseIT (PL)
“If evolution cannot be stopped, one should lead it. IamIT is an absolute partner in this.”
Ádám Stier
Nast Alkatrészgyártó Kft. (HU)

Advice, consultation

IT infrastruktúra ikon
IT infrastructure
A well-designed and operated IT infrastructure does not present problems and obstacles to your work, but supports you and creates a competitive advantage. In most cases we use cloud solutions for IT infrastructure solutions in terms of user management, data protection and data sharing or even in a subscription model.
Okosépület ikon
Smart building
Thanks to the evolution of technology, it’s possible for a building to not only deliver all the services that occupants need, but for this to be done whilst making the building as efficient as possible, minimizing costs, and increasing energy savings over the life of the building. This is a balance that will be key to businesses going forward. The age of the smart building is here.
Digitalizáció ikon
Do you have a specific goal that you want to achieve and tools that you would like to use? Avoid the disadvantages of in-house digitization!
You can count on us for experience and a brand-independent, broad perspective.
Minőségirányítás ikon
Introduction of quality management systems
When quality management systems are introduced, 50-80% of the processes are affected by IT. As IT specialists, knowing the expectations, we will help you, e.g. during the introduction of ISO 27001, Tisax. Your business can thus operate along recognized, reliable and easy-to-follow business processes.

Management services

Felhő megoldások ikon
Cloud solutions
Our cloud services enable working anywhere and at any time. Not to mention cloud storage solutions can have "infinite" capacity.
Rendszerüzemeltetés ikon
System operation
Properly built and managed IT systems are necessary for smooth work. The network infrastructure, wireless solutions and hardware must all work alongside to achieve your goals.
Felhasználó támogatás ikon
User and desktop support
The end user is the most important actor. Identification, data protection and ensuring access - these are the three pillars of our tasks. We will also help with printing, managing expired passwords and Wi-Fi signal strength.
DevOps ikon
Software development and application publishing place special demands on IT, moreover, these demands change very often, are diverse and transitory. We will help you to find the solutions.
MDM ikon
Mobile Device Management can provide a solution for managing phones and subscriptions in a corporate environment. In addition, MDM has solutions for remote installation of apps and monitoring of work computers.
Wireless ikon
A sophisticated Wi-Fi solution is basis of the local network current days. Conscious provisioning and monitoring enables your devices to be always at the best speed and safely.

Our approach

Imre István - IamIT

I am a curious person with an urge to prove myself. I don't get stuck in the present, sustainable development is my goal, I always want to be a few steps ahead.

István Imre
managing director, owner
Déri Barna - IamIT

Our job is to have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the most modern technologies, as this is the only way we can provide our customers with really useful and usable solutions.

Déri Barna
managing director, owner

Coverage for EU countries

Local solutions for subsidiaries and parent companies

We provide IT consulting and system administrator services in the following countries:

  • France
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Romania
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