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The Culture

of the IT Infrastructure

Details Kapcsolat

Devops Our Way

DevOps - this important discipline has also found us. Developments and developers need an IT infrastructure as a complex, cohesive set of services with many unique roles and functionalities, which we have put into practice and implemented using the products of both MS Azure and AWS and related suppliers for our partners.

Multinational solutions for the SME sector

Coverage for EU countries

Local solutions for subsidiaries and parent companies

Details Kapcsolat
  • 1138 Budapest, Cserhalom utca 7.
    +36 30 214 1158

  • Sacalaz 391/B, Timis 307370, Romania

  • 9 Rue Anatole De La Forge, 75017 Paris, France
    e-mail: benoit.gault@iamit.fr
    Tel: +33749881485

How can we help?

Details Kapcsolat
  • Introduction and operation of cloud, hybrid and local IT solutions.

  • Full service in European countries - with practical local knowledge.

    Serving the extra IT resource needs of multinational companies.

  • IT consulting, consultation effectively as you have never experienced before.

  • Microsoft 365 platform services management and digitalization of work processes. Improvements in the way that today's IT infrastructures deserve it.

  • Do Spotify, Amazon Echo, smart home, IP camera, NAS, or digital education problems go beyond personal time frame or patience? We are not surprised by this, we help.

Our Approach

IamIT was founded in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers with our highly skilled and experienced professional team.

Our mission is simple! Help with computer use, create the atmosphere for modern work.

Our colleagues are dedicated, loyal, result-oriented IT professionals (long-term-IT-guys) who teach talented and hard-working young colleagues by example, educating the next generation of IT professionals.

The team Kapcsolat


  • „IamIT is a truly professional and reactive partner to rely on. Istvan’s team is focused on customer satisfaction and systematically aims at delivering the highest standard of support. It is a pleasure to work with them !”

    Matthieu Rambaud

    CEO, Trigo Group (FR)

  • “They eat international projects for breakfast, thank you for the fast and professional support.”

    Krzysztof Balcerzak

    CEO, HouseIT (PL)

  • “If evolution cannot be stopped, one should lead it. IamIT is an absolute partner in this.”

    Ádám Stier

    CEO, Nast Alkatrészgyártó Kft. (HU)



Address: 1138 Budapest, Cserhalom u. 7.
Phone: +36 30 214 1158


Address: 1015 Budapest, Hungary Batthyány utca 1.
Phone: +36 30 214 1158

Operative Site

Address: 2600 Vác, Hungary Gödöllői út 6/b.
Phone: +36 30 214 1158


Address: 9 Rue Anatole De La Forge, 75017 Paris, France
Phone: +33749881485


Address: Sacalaz 391/B, Timis 307370, Romania
Phone: +44 745 230 044

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