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The efficiency of office work is increasingly in the hands of IT professionals. In line with this, our company professionally supports office digitization and the development and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

With the good value for money of outsourced computing solutions and the diversified skills of our team, we can bring more value to your and your company's life. In a unique way on the Hungarian market, we offer flexible, flexible and size-oriented solutions in line with multinational expectations, primarily for the SME and large enterprise sector, which also operates on the international market.

One Platform

The cloud subscription services provided by Microsoft (Azure, Office 365, MS 365, Intune, Dynamics 365, Power Platform) gives functionality solutions and choices to both the user and the management. These solutions provide the most modern form of technology, and their functionality is constantly evolving and expanding. Communication solutions are becoming more mature, making all of them available with strong support and increasingly affordable prices.


Another two- to three-letter IT specialties such as MI, BI, IoT, VR, or DevOps are all driving companies to growth, subverting solutions, and boosting companies ’productivity. Of course, there is a price to pay, development always involves a lot of investment of resources, which often requires an IT partner who, in addition to the role of IT operator, also becomes a proactive developer for his customers. As we. In addition to our daily work, we are constantly improving your IT potential.

The habit is light handcuffs. Your IT tools are likely to serve you in the vast majority of cases, but that’s not enough today. We provide support for maintaining a competitive advantage, the continuous operation of the business, and effective communication, balancing between your future needs and the present reality. Our solutions provide IT tools and services at a level where their operations do not require a permanent IT presence, minimize downtime, and make their costs well-planned — while keeping the company’s development potential high.

The most your company can gain from us is time.

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