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The team


István Imre, IamIT managing director, founder. Consultant

Barna Déri, managing director of IamIT, founder. Database and Microsoft Server and Client Expert

The IT Expert Team

Nadir Hamdan, Cloud Specialist

Gábor Szittner, DevOps and Service Desk Specialist

Gábor Aradi, DevOps and Service Desk Support

Balázs Hidvégi, Level 1-2 Service Desk Support

Csaba Cserepka, Level 1-2 Service Desk Support

Gábor Vizy, Level 1-2 Service Desk Support

Dávid Kalmár, App Developer

Márk Halasi, App Developer

Tamás Győrváry, Web Developer


Edit Imre, Administrator & Device Manager

Attila Preiner, Delivery Manager



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